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My Digiscoping

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Welcome, to my Digiscoping bird images webpage.

This is my place to exhibit my wild bird photographs, and give advice on how I achieve these images. Check out the Digiscoping Equipment, Digiscoping Technique and Digiscoping Software and settings pages for more details on this information.

The method which each image is achieved is by using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera, attached to my Swarovski TB80 HD scope (hense the term Digiscoped, digi as in digital camera, scoped as in through a telescope) with a home made adapter or prior to upgrading my telescope, by attaching it to my Optolyth TBS80 scope, with the help of an LCE (London Camera Exchange) adapter. Both setups used a Jessops cable shutter release and a Jessops shutter release bracket.
I was using the old digiscoping set up for around 4 months, until upgrading my set-up in Jan 2004, and I am still improving, with each outing. I also use Adobe photoshop to enhance my photos once taken (known as a digital darkroom) and Adobes Photoshop Album to keep the files in order.

To read my introduction to digiscoping, on the Fatbirder website, Click here.

Software reviews:

Adobe Photoshop Album, click here.

Book reviews:

Drawing Birds (John Busby), click here.
Going Wild (Robert Winkler) click here
Seabird Populations of Britain and Ireland (P.Ian Mitchell, Stephen F.Newton, Norman Ratcliffe and Timothy E.Dunn) click here
Birds of Shetland (Mike Pennington, Kevin Osborn, Paul Harvey, Roger Riddington, Dave Okill, Pete Ellis and Martin Heubeck) click here
The Skylark (Paul F Donald) click here.
Seabirds - A natural history (Anthony J Gaston) click here.
Birds of the isles of Scilly (peter Robinson), click here.

Optics reviews:

Brunton Epoch 10.5x43, click here.

Please visit my links page here for other digiscopers and more.

All digiscoped photos on this site are saved at a low resolution and low quality, and can therefore not be printed.

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