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Latest Siteings....MANDARIN new to patch 23rd March 2005....GOLDENEYE new to patch 23rd March 2005....TEAL, New to patch 22nd Dec....100th Species!!! WOODCOCK!.....
Map of the patch

Map of Patch

Welcome to my patch

I live in Milton Keynes in north Buckinghamshire, unfortunately for me what that means is that the likelihood of me finding a British rarity is slim to non-existent, so I make do by watching a site that (as far as I am aware) no other birder watches, which means I have to work all the harder to find things. This website is dedicated to that place, My Local Patch. I am also going to put any other local birds of note on here, so keep checking back you never know it might be worth it!(check the scroll bar lower down this page)

The site is situated just outside of Wolverton (an old Railway town, now swamped by Milton Keynes) in between Old Wolverton and the small villages of Haversham and Cosgrove. Click here for the grid reference.

I follow the Grand union canal until it reaches the Iron trunk aqueduct at which point I turn off, onto a path that runs along the side of the river Ouse, which is part of the Ouse valley park, then when that path reaches a viaduct I turn off again to go past a small industrial estate (on my left) and Manor farm beyond that, until I return back to the Grand Union canal.

The map on the left shows the route highlighted in dark red. Part of this walk includes a stretch of National cycle route 6.

The Area

The main habitat on my patch is arable farm land, used in the most part for sheep and cattle farming (although I have noted a few wheat fields nearby as well), edged with trees and bushes, my main hope for birds there are Wheatears, Buntings, Pipits and Larks.

Following two separate water channels, The Grand Union canal and The River Ouse, and an intersection where the river Tove joins the ouse, It also has views over two of the lakes on Cosgrove campsite, so the chances of wildfowl look good and kingfishers are almost guaranteed.

There is a small wooded area containing another lake, as the canal and river meet, which has produced Green and great spotted woodpecker (so far), and has the potential for warblers and tits.

The farm itself holds untold possibilities (well if it were somewhere near the coast it would) and is a good source for finches, buntings and in the winter, thrush flocks.

This site is split into a number of categories, this the main page. Wildlife (which lists of all the wildlife seen on the patch). Patch images and . Local Sites (which tells you a bit more about the area around here, and its wildlife). About page (which is where I give information on me and how this site started) Links (so I can bore you all with sites I like) The Links page also contains a quiz? and Competition (which is about the patch competition I have going with a few friends)and NEW Floodplain , where I explain the changes happening soon on my patch. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to email me from the link below.

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Other local sightings

Latest....Ring-necked Duck (male), Foxcote 16th Mar 2005.....

Manor farm

Manor Farm

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