My Images

These are some of the images I have managed to take of my patch, I hope to add more pictures and ones of a better quality, as and when I am able. In the meantime please enjoy the ones already here. Most of these photos are taken using a Minolta Dimage S304 digital camera or my Nikon coolpix 4500 .

The Area

The photos below are snapshots from around the walk I take, they encompass the main features that can be seen on the map (located on the main page) including, The Iron trunk Aqueduct, the Viaduct, the Grand union canal, The Galleon pub, and the point that the river Tove joins the river Ouse.

For pictures of the birds on my patch follow on of the links below.
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The Iron Trunk Aqueduct The Grand union Canal Field on the patch
Iron trunk Aquaduct Grand union canal Plantation
Aerial shot of campsite Cow fields The Galleon public house
Cosgrove Arial view Cow fields Galleon pub
Grey wagtail corner Manor farm Manor farm
Grey wag corner Manor farm Manor farm
Millenium Bridge Deep corner of River Ouse The River Ouse
Millenium bridge Deep pool River Ouse
The Tove meets the Ouse Sheep fields small wooden bridge
River Tove joins Sheepfields Small Bridge

For pictures of the birds on my patch follow one of the links below.

Ashleys Bird Pics banner